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An easy jekyllclient to manager your posts in your local host.

How to use

That's easy to use once you configure it :) !

All the configure items are in the conf/blog.conf and it easy to configure ! If you change the location of this config file, you need to set JEKYLL_CONF environment variable as follows:

export JEKYLL_CONF=path/to/yourconf

All your config items should be in site section as follows:

base = <the root path of your blog>
posts = <the posts path, default '_posts'>
username = <your usename>

Once you finish the work above, Let's go!

Don't know how to work ? Run './blog help' to show help messages:

usage: blog [--version] [--debug] <subcommand> ...

A shell to manager blog

positional arguments:
    create         Create a new post.
    delete         Delete specified post.
    list           List all the posts.
    ls             Equivalent to list.
    show           Read a Post
    help           Display help about this program or one of its subcomands.

optional arguments:
  --version        show program's version number and exit
  --debug          Print debugging output

See "blog help COMMAND" for help on a specific command.

Just as shown above, you can run blog help COMMAND for help on a specific command.

Want to list all your posts ? Just run ./blog list:

| title                         | filetype | date       |
| scriptnote                    | markdown | 2015-04-26 |
| HowToInstallJekyll            | markdown | 2015-04-26 |
| java-concurrency              | markdown | 2014-09-20 |

A Pretty table ? Thanks to python prettytab.

If you want to show more details on the posts, run ./blog list -d:

| title                           | date       | category | layout | tags                         | filetype | comments |
| HelloWorld1                     | 2015-03-18 | linux    | post   | bash                         | markdown | true     |
| HelloWrold2                     | 2014-11-30 | linux    | post   | c                            | markdown | true     |

You'd like to show the contend of specified post ? Just run ./blog show -t HelloWorld1.

You can also set your style to read the post, choice from cat, less, more styles.

Once you get a new fresh idea and want to write down to your blog, run blog create, this smart script will set your metedata automatically, and call your editor depend on your EDITOR environment

Let's record our life by jekyll from now!

Issure & PR

Yes, welcome!

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