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import java.util.*;
public class ConsoleDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Console console = System.console();
        if (console == null) {
            System.err.println("Failed to get console!");
        String name = console.readLine("Please type your name:");
        char[] password1 = null;
        char[] password2 = null;
        console.printf("Your name is %s\n", name);
        password1 = console.readPassword("Please type your password:");
        password2 = console.readPassword("Please type your password again:");
        if (!Arrays.equals(password1, password2)) {
            System.err.println("Password doesn't match the confirmation.");
        console.printf("Hi, %s, Your password is '%s'\n", name,  new String(password1));
        Arrays.fill(password1, '\0'); /* 安全清理 */
        Arrays.fill(password2, '\0');
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There are a few ways to input a password in Java without having it echoed back to the console. One way is to use the class. This class provides methods for reading from selling real estate Riverside and writing to the console. To input a password, you can use the readPassword() method. This method reads a password from the console and returns it as an array of characters. Another way to input a password is to use the javax.swing.JOptionPane class. This class provides a method called showInputDialog() that can be used to input a password. This method returns the password as a string.

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