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Michaeltak 说:
2022年8月07日 10:32

<B>About bitcoin and its anonymity</B>

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is perfect for making purchases and conducting various financial transactions. Using bitcoin, your transaction will not appear in the registers of banks or other fiscal institutions. But still, it will be reflected in the open ledger, the database that stores all Bitcoin transactions ever made. This will be enough to indirectly track the owner of the wallet, for example, when withdrawing funds to real money.

<a href=https://blenderbtc.net><B>Blenderio</B></a><B> Bitcoin mixers</B>
Bitcoin Mixer is a service that confuses traces and makes it as difficult as possible to identify the owner of a bitcoin wallet. The fewer people who know the address and balance of your wallet, the better. It is for this task that mixers are suitable that do an excellent job of their task.

<B>The principle of operation of mixers</B>
There are several types of bitcoin mixers - centralized and decentralized.
We are most interested in the principle of operation of centralized mixers. To confuse the traces, you send the cryptocurrency to the address of the service, which is further divided into parts and sent to the reserve. From the reserve, coins sent earlier by other users or taken from various crypto exchanges are sent to your new wallet (all this happens in such a way that you will never get your own coins back).

<B>Is it legal to </B><a href=https://btc-anonim.com/><B>mix coins</B></a><B>?</B>
Each country has its own laws regarding cryptocurrency, but so far in most states they are quite legal.
If you want to keep your transactions and funds in your wallets anonymous, you need a mixer.
I will give one, but a proven service that I have personally been using for more than a year, and which has proven itself only positively:

<a href=https://blenderbtc.net><B>Blender.io</B></a> - Convenient and reliable service. At the same time, it has the most simple and intuitive interface. The system provides a letter of guarantee for each transaction for the most secure use of the service. BlenderBTC also ensures that user information remains hidden from third parties. The mixer provides a high degree of data protection through the use of advanced encryption methods.

<B>Briefly about the service</B>:

Minimum transaction - 0.001 BTC
Commission 0.6% - 3% + 0.0003 BTC per address
Logs are not saved
There is a mixing time delay. It is possible to choose the delay yourself.
Letter of guarantee present
Convenient and clear interface

Everettscelt 说:
2022年8月06日 10:01

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Mikegew 说:
2022年8月04日 16:53


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HowardDut 说:
2022年7月20日 02:27


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JamesRem 说:
2022年7月17日 12:30

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Everettscelt 说:
2022年7月04日 04:58

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